Trading Instructions

1. Register or Login. Register for a free WikiDot account to participate. If you are already registered, just login.
2. Read Disclaimer. By participating in the Incense Trading Wiki trade, you agree to the Disclaimer and Terms of Use stated below.
3. Browse Incense Offered and Incense Wanted pages. If you find a trade, send an email to the person displaying the item informing them you would like to trade.
4. Ask questions. When inquiring about a trade item, ask about the condition, color and ingredients of the item. Remember, it is up to you to determine the quality of the trade item. Ask what the person would like to trade for it. Enclose your trade list or link to your trade list on the Incense Trading Wiki.
5. Check references. Before trading, look at the other person’s feedback and read comments written by other traders. Decide if you want to trade with this person. Trading is done at your own risk and Incense Trading Wiki is not responsible for trade misunderstandings or failed agreements.
6. Reach an agreement. Both parties must agree on the terms of the trade and what will be traded within one week of the original communication. Until this is done, either party has the right to cancel the trade.
7. Exchange addresses. Each party should send out their end of the trade within 3-5 days of the agreement unless otherwise discussed. If there is a delay, inform the other party immediately.
8. Pack items carefully. Use bubble wrap to pack items to prevent shipping damage. If you’re sending individual sticks, purchase tubes from Essence of the Ages or use a stiff cardboard sandwich to prevent breakage. Most traders send via US Mail, unless otherwise discussed. Each party is responsible for paying the shipping cost for their end of the trade. Many traders use insured mail to prevent against loss. If trading internationally, be aware of shipping requirements (check with your local post office).
9. Update your Offered Items List. Send an email to the other person indicating that their package arrived. The trade is complete when both parties receive their end of the trade.
10. After receiving a trade package. Send an email to the other person indicating that the package arrived. The trade is complete when both parties receive their end of the trade.
11. Write feedback. After a trade is complete, write comments and feedback on the Feedback page.

Trading Disclaimer

By participating in the Incense Trading Wiki, I agree to the Incense Trading Wiki Terms of Use and Disclaimer.
I understand that I am trading at my own risk.

The Incense Trading Wiki site is a private forum for members only. Use of this site and trading is at your own risk. Incense Trading Wiki does not monitor the postings on the site for accuracy or reliability, and makes no warranty as to the accuracy or reliability of any information posted on the site. Incense Trading Wiki does not guarantee or have information regarding the quality of any of the products traded or acquired by trade. The choice to trade and the terms of any trade you take or choose not to take are solely your responsibility. Incense Trading Wiki is not liable for any illness or injury caused by your use of traded items. Incense Trading Wiki is not responsible and will not compensate trade participants in any way for trades conducted by Incense Trading Wiki participants and will not deliver traded products. While we encourage equitable trades, Incense Trading Wiki has no responsibility for the fairness or completion of any trade. Incense Trading Wiki's sole responsibility is limited to maintaining the trade database as accurately and as up-to-date as possible.

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